About VI Pay

VI Pay can deliver a payroll solution based on your needs, provide accurate reports, and ensure on time tax filing and payments. Our payroll service is reliable and remarkably affordable. We allow you to focus on growing your business by giving you the peace of mind that all of your business payroll needs are being met.

You'll be impressed by how smoothly everything runs when your payroll, tax filing and reporting needs are handled by VI Pay. Client service is our main focus and our goal is to be an extension of your staff. We work with you to understand the intricate details of your business and to be available for any questions you may have.

Each payroll period you can phone, fax or email to submit your payroll information to us and we'll take it from there—processing your payroll; emailing reports to you immediately upon processing; handling the transfer of funds for direct deposit; calculating, filing and reconciling your payroll taxes.

  • VI Pays Personalized Payroll Process — One payroll specialist assigned to your business
  • Affordable — No hidden fees — Full disclosure pricing
  • Eliminate the hassles of year-end W-2s and 1099s
  • Ensure accurate and timely tax filing and payments
  • Detailed reporting capabilities — Electronic versions available


Flexible — Enter your payroll data with the input method that is right for you and your business — phone, fax, or email. Pay when and how you choose.

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Reliable — With our powerful combination of dedication and technology we can process your payroll on time, accurately, and reliably. 

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Affordable – The cost is based on your business needs, employee count and frequency. There are no hidden fees.

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