Our company had been processing payroll for more than 20 years when we decided it was time to make a name for ourselves. In 1998, we became V.I. Pay, Inc. We process payroll for more than 100 companies of all sizes ranging from one to several hundred employees. We take pride in a very hands-on approach to the processing of payrolls. While our service is personal, we are fully automated and equipped with the latest technology. What's important to you is important to us: accuracy, capability, flexibility, support, timeliness, reliability and trust.


Flexible — Enter your payroll data with the input method that is right for you and your business — phone, fax, or email. Pay when and how you choose.

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Reliable — With our powerful combination of dedication and technology we can process your payroll on time, accurately, and reliably. 

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Affordable – The cost is based on your business needs, employee count and frequency. There are no hidden fees.

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